Everyone has been pushing for environmental sustainability - using only what we need and conserving what we have for future generations.
Le Décor vinyl floors are the perfect cost- effective alternative for hard- wood or laminate flooring.
harvested from Le Décor suppliers very own vinyl forest, it looks and feels like authentic wood.
The best part is it’s a GREEN - product!
Reduce -  reduces the use of wood and conserves our forests.
Re-use - our floors can be uplifted and re-used in a different area.
Recycle - our floors are 100% recyclable.
Our floors are easy to install and you don’t even have to get your hands
Our unique surfaces are warm underfoot and bring a natural tone to
the area.
Our floors have been a popular substitute for bathroom tiles as they are waterproof and slip - proof, which addresses the problems most commercial developments have to solve.
The vinyl consists of Nano - Silver Technology which carries the anti-bacterial function. All our vinyl is equipped with a UV coating to prevent
The best news - you only need a mop and water for easy maintenance! The vinyl is so versatile that you can rearrange your furniture every week
without damaging the floor due to the scratch - resistant layer.
Our ranges consist of 16 colours in total, which means there’s something for everyone!