Vinyl flooring has also come an extremely long way since your Grandma's Novilon kitchen floors that used to peel and crack. Again, with the advance in technology and superior quality materials today, vinyl flooring can be a viable alternative to the clank clank of heels on a wooden floor. Easier to clean than carpets and still insulates from the cold. With a much more reduced costing, but the same look and feel as wood, vinyl flooring gives a superb finish.
The glossy new cushioned vinyl Floor coverings lets you enjoy the warmth and appearance of wood without harming the planet. Available in a variety of trendy shades and finishes from pale whitewashed ashes to darker dramatic browns, Le Décor Vinyl's cushioning will add softness underfoot, absorbs sound and minimizes loss of heat through the  floor, significantly reducing energy consumption.

Flooring Wooden

With exceptional quality comes durability, but the Echo Wood range goes further- the planks are manufactured with a unique surface treatment that gives it superior stain resistance properties and provides greater durability to withstand high foot traffic in even the busiest areas.